How can your development be

Actual Ventures is an interesting company for your professional development.

Our lean structure and the dynamics of our projects (i) expose the professional to numerous and varied complex situations of the top management of companies, (ii) stimulates initiative and participation as a team, and (iii) requires well-structured analysis and recommendations.

Thus, our consultants undergo an accelerated professional growth when compared to the majority of business consulting companies.

The development of the professional according to our career path model relies solely on its individual capacity. Between three and five years of working in Actual Ventures, the analyst can now be considered to join the society.

Therefore, some personal characteristics are of great importance, such as:

  • ability to add value to customers’ businesses;
  • ability to take responsibility and manage projects;
  • academic specialization; and
  • continued contribution to the economic results of the company.
Recruitment and selection process

    It is the first step for evaluating Actual Ventures candidates.

    Our goal in this first step is to know the educational background, professional experience and personal motivation of each applicant wishing to face challenges with us.


    The candidate selection for this step of the process means that your academic qualifications and professional experience were well evaluated and meet our requirements.

    To be approved in the second stage of the selection process, the candidate shall demonstrate the essential skills to work by analyzing and solving a hypothetical case similar to those we face in our day-to-day. Our goal at this stage is to assess: (i) the analytical skills in problem solving, (ii) clarity and conciseness in presenting solutions, and (iii) the applicant’s attitude.

    Also we will ask the candidate to draft a wording so that we can specifically assess their ability to express themselves in written form. We consider in evaluating this essay mainly the logical development of the candidate’s reasoning, their ability to associate the theme of writing the current issues of business and their knowledge of Portuguese.


    At this stage, the candidate will have the opportunity to demonstrate, at least to one of the partners of Actual Ventures, its full potential and interest to compromise with us. Also on this occasion, a candidate can explore what they think the leaders of Actual Ventures under the strategic perspective and long term for the company.