Who We Are

The Company

Founded in 2000, Actual Ventures is a Brazilian company specialized in mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, corporate governance and turnarounds.

We act as an M&A boutique providing top level entrepreneurial and technical skills for the solving of complex problems with pragmatism, and in an economically feasible manner that is consistent with the best interests of our client’s shareholders and stakeholders.

We are independent which allows us to focus fully on understanding and meeting our client’s needs. At Actual Ventures priority is given to working closely with the client, building credibility, confidence and meeting expectations.

In Actual Ventures, we:

  • Emphasize quality of services provided;
  • Prioritize expertise in areas we operate;
  • Value long-term relationships.

To deliver our services, Actual Ventures relies on the knowledge of its core team of highly skilled senior professionals with relevant experience in the national and international markets. These resources permits Actual Ventures to undertake a wide range of complex and sensitive projects in an effective manner.

Arthur Cotrim

Engineer graduated from PUC-RJ (1987) with an MBA from UFRJ (1993). Has solid experience in management consulting projects, financial restructuring and M&A, particularly in the technology, real estate, consumer goods, retail, pulp & paper, insurance, energy and infrastructure sectors. Sets a pace for the continuous improvement of the quality of Actual Ventures works. Challenges the team to pursue solutions and approaches to deliver a positive impact to clients.

Eduardo Contani

PhD in finance from FEA-USP (2014), mechanical engineer from USP (2004) and management specialist (CEAG) from FGV-EAESP (2006). Prior to joining Actual Ventures, Contani worked at General Motors and managed an education institution in Paraná. As a World Bank and FIA consultant, developed financial models for concessions and PPPs in gas, transport and education sectors, and corporate valuations and expert opinions in sectors of education, health, insurance, construction, food and energy. His doctoral research in capital markets was conducted at Columbia University (NY).

Ronaldo Chida

Auditor and accountant with Master in BR Tax & Labour from FACCAT (1985), and in Business Administration from FIPECAFI (2010). Has lead audit procedures and BR Tax & Labour consulting projects for more than 150 clients in Brazil, in a variety of sectors, both national and multinational companies.

Fabiana Lopes

Accountant graduated from USP (2002), and in actuary graduated from PUC-SP (2006) with an MBA from FIPCAFI (2006), and a PhD in accounting and controllership from USP (2010). Has lead several financial and statistics modelling efforts for pension funds, insurance and infrastructure clients, and issued expert opinions in corporate disputes. Currently also teaches at the master course of controllership and corporate finance of FIPECAFI, and graduation in actuarial science from PUC-SP. Believes on the creation of value to clients through quantitative modelling and compliance with IFRS to better support decision processes.

Rodrigo Bandeira

Business Administrator graduated from FGV-EAESP (1993) with Master’s degree both in Business Administration from NYU (1996) and in Public Administration from FGV-EAESP (2007). Prior to joining Actual Ventures, he worked at the capital market (Banco BBA), and invested on digital businesses and social networks. Rodrigo developed skills in personnel management, negotiation and leadership of change management processes.

Marc Burbridge

Economist graduated from the School of International Service of American University in Washington DC with Master in Negotiation from Harvard, Marc is coauthor of the books ‘Negotiation Management’, ‘Conflict Management’ and ‘Disputes Mediation’. Prior to joining Actual Ventures, he lead start-ups and worked on ten-digit transactions. His experience extends over five continents in several industry sectors.