Assistance in Disputes

Actual Ventures team comprises professional with significant academic background in several areas of expertise (accountants, financial advisors, consultants on corporate transactions, including M&A) and, as such, has outstanding capacity to act in the production of technical evidence in Court or arbitration disputes.

Actual Ventures combines in depth technical knowledge with a long standing practice in consulting and assistance in a variety of business, financial, and accounting matters, including those typical to M&A transactions. Actual Ventures can contribute in an efficient and sound manner in the production of technical evidence, be it as a technical witness, expert or assistant.

Actual Ventures performs its activities based on technical standards set forth by law, regulation and market practice, on questions ranging from:

  • valuation of equity stakes;
  • valuation of businesses;
  • valuation of intangible assets (for instance, brands, goodwill and technical solutions);
  • price adjustments in M&A transactions.

The final product of said services is a technical report, with detailed identification of legal basis and corresponding calculation.