M&A Operations

Merger and acquisition operations are often the most efficient way for companies and investors seeking growth to enter new markets and capture synergies with players of the same segment.

As these transactions usually represent a milestone in the evolution of a business and involve significant values, it is recommended that the process be supported by specialized professionals, who will have key role for the smooth progress of the negotiations and the balancing of interests among the stakeholders.

How it works

The first step in an M&A process is to assist the customer in defining a strategy and identifying goals and expectations. From there the search for potential targets can be initiated.

In addition, we conduct a Valuation of the target company or business operation to establish the base values for the negotiation.

Our services also include the preliminary negotiation of deal conditions, carrying out any pre or post-acquisition audit (due diligence), the negotiation assurance terms for the operation and coordination of the review of necessary legal documentation.

Actual Ventures also provides follow-up services after conclusion of the transactions, when it involves future calculations and conditional payments.